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R7J Electrical Services provides wiring and rewiring in Garland and throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When you need new wiring for an addition, damaged wiring replaced, or whole house rewiring, our skilled electricians install your new electrical wiring safely and according to all code requirements and industry standards. 

Please call R7J Electrical Services at (214) 544-9160 to learn more about our wiring and rewiring services.

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Some signs of faulty wiring are: 

  • Outlets hot to the touch – Electrical outlets and switches that are working right with wiring that is in good condition do not get warm or hot.
  • Flickering lights – Dimming or flickering lights can signal faulty electrical wiring. If your lights dim when you turn on an appliance, you may have a problem. 
  • A burning plastic odor – If you notice a smell of burning plastic near outlets or the electrical panel, it can indicate that the plastic sheathing on the wiring is melting. Don’t wait to have your wiring inspected. 
  • Wiring that isn’t working – Electrical wiring that is not working is a problem that requires attention. When the problem is limited to one outlet, you may just need that replaced. However, if you have wiring not working in more than one place, it could mean the wiring needs to be upgraded. 
  • Scorch marks on outlets – If you notice burn or scorch marks on your electrical outlets, it can be a sign of damaged wiring. When more than one outlet is scorched, it can indicate a more widespread problem. 

If you have any of these problems with your electrical system, you should not hesitate to schedule an electrical inspection with an experienced electrician. A licensed electrician can assess the condition of your electrical system and recommend whole house rewiring, when necessary. 

The whole house rewiring process is a big job. The electricity to your various outlets, switches, appliances, and other systems is supplied by a large network of wires, connections, circuit breakers, and the main electrical panel. Any or all of these may need to be replaced, depending on the specific problems and age of your electrical system. 

Electrical Wiring Installation & Replacement 

For your electrical system to work safely and correctly, you need electrical wiring that is in good condition and properly installed. New electrical wiring may need to be installed for a number of reasons, such as building a home addition, new construction, or to replace old or damaged electrical wiring. Everything will eventually wear out, including your electrical wiring. 

Schedule An Inspection Today 

If you need new wiring installed or wonder whether the time has come to have your wiring replaced, get started by scheduling an electrical inspection. Our electricians can evaluate the condition of your electrical wiring to determine if rewiring is necessary. We can provide free estimates for wiring and rewiring in Garland and payment plans are available, if needed. 

When you need new wiring installed or replaced, call (214) 544-9160 or fill out our online form for an inspection. 

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