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The electrical panel and the circuits inside distribute electricity to everything in the home and protect against an overload. When something is going wrong with the panel, the entire electrical system can be impacted. R7J Electrical Services delivers quality services for electrical panels in Garland and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Our electricians cover everything from adding a new circuit or replacing a breaker to complete electrical panel upgrades. 

Call R7J Electrical Services at (214) 544-9160 to request an inspection of your electrical panel. 

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Signs that panel replacement is needed include: 

  • Panel is warm to the touch 
  • A burning odor near the panel 
  • Not enough circuits 
  • Sizzling noises 
  • Breakers constantly tripping 
  • A breaker won’t reset 
  • Using too many extension cords 

In some situations, the type of panel can dictate the need for replacement. If you have an old fuse box that uses fuses instead of circuit breakers, an upgrade is recommended. Certain panels manufactured in the 1960s and 70s have been found to create an electrical hazard and should always be replaced.

Schedule an electrical panel inspection when: 

  • There is a specific concern – If you have noticed any of the signs of a problem with your electrical panel, don’t wait to call an electrician. A malfunctioning electrical panel can be extremely dangerous. 
  • Building an addition or renovating your home – When you are building an addition or renovating your home, you will need to add outlets, switches, lighting, and expand the HVAC system. This creates additional demand on your electrical system and provides the ideal opportunity for any necessary upgrades. 
  • The panel is more than 20 years old – Older electrical panels may not be sufficient for modern electricity needs. Upgrading your panel ensures a safe supply of power for all your appliances and devices. 
  • Additional circuit breakers are needed – If you are adding an appliance that requires a new circuit, an electrician will need to do the work. When there are empty spaces available, adding a new circuit is possible. If the spaces are filled, a panel upgrade is needed. 
  • Buying an older home – When buying an older home, have an electrician inspect the electrical panel to determine if replacement is needed. 

The work that is needed for Garland electrical panels will vary, depending on the specific problem. Circuit breakers may need to be added to accommodate new appliances. In other situations, malfunctioning circuit breakers or the entire electrical panel may need to be replaced. 

Electrical Panel Repair & Replacement 

Older electrical systems may need to be updated to accommodate the demands of modern technology. The electrical panels installed 20 or 30 years ago weren’t meant for the electricity requirements of power-hungry appliances and devices that are so common in homes today. Upgrading the panel ensures enough electricity for your family’s demand. 

Same Day Service For Electrical Panels 

If you have a specific concern about your electrical panel, do not wait to call for electrical services. Our experienced electricians are available to respond to your call for same day service for electrical panels in Garland. We can inspect your panel and provide a free estimate for the work needed to ensure a safe supply of electricity for your home. 

Please contact us at (214) 544-9160 to have your electrical panel serviced or replaced by our skilled electricians. 

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